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Business Related Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

We are actively looking at making new partners in South East Asia and Middle East markets. We are looking for people who are connected to the field of education and are working with the age group of 4-16 year olds.

Some of the pre-requisites for becoming a partner are:

Existing Client Base: They should have existing set of customers or their own natural market where they would be able to enrol students for SOI program.

Infrastructure: They should have a child friendly space to run SOI sessions.

Manpower: They should have the required manpower to first get trained & certified and then conduct SOI sessions with enrolled students.

Educational Qualification: The trainer should at least hold a Bachelor’s degree to practice as a SOI Learning Specialist and conduct SOI sessions with children.

Structure of Intellect (SOI) as a program is designed to improve 90 cognitive abilities among Gifted Learners, Aspirational Learners (kids who are average/above average in academics) and also with kids who are Learning Deficient. We would like to join hands with people who are working with any or all of three category of kids mentioned above. In short, we are looking to tie-up with people who run Kindergarten schools, Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Activity Centre owners those who run programs on brain development like Robotics, Rubik Cubes, Vedic Maths, Abacus classes etc.

On the other hand, since our product caters to the cognitive developmental needs of “Special kids” as well, we are also keen to partner with Cognitive development centres, Psychologists, Special Educators & Remedial Care Centres.

SOI systems is unique because we can find the “Problem”, provide a “Solution” and make sure that there is “Improvement”. Some of the key salient features about this product are:

  • · This program works on developing 90 different cognitive abilities among children. This is arguably the most comprehensive and holistic cognitive development program available to mankind.
  • · Focuses on developing five major areas of Problem Solving; Critical Thinking & Decision Making; Comprehension; Memory and Creativity.
  • · It’s an 80 hour intervention program which requires sustained effort with each child to help them improve in areas where they need attention.
  • · SOI as a program and its contents come customised for each child to meet his/her developmental needs. It is not one size fits all which makes it unique from others.
  • · It’s a fun filled program with lots of workbook and computer activities followed by play therapies to learn the practical application of it. Children find it a stress buster and just love to attend the sessions.
  • · SOI as a product is in existence for the last 50 years. SOI has proven over a period of time that not only can the Intellectual Abilities be identified but they could be taught and developed too. It has seen the test of time and has helped transform millions of lives.
  • · SOI has its presence world over. The program is available in U.S., Canada, Mexico, Germany, Japan, South Africa, Singapore & India.
  • · Every child can benefit by enrolling into SOI program. SOI modules challenges the gifted learning, bridge the learning gaps for our average learners and works towards building the missing abilities for our struggling children

It has customised content to challenge the “Gifted” Learners, a separate program for “Average and Above Average Learners” and a dedicated program for “Special need Learners” as well.

It requires an investment of just SGD10,000/- for becoming a partner with Structure of Intellect. This amount is not a deposit but more like a pre-paid account which allows you to transact and even buy SOI study material throughout the year for students who will enrol into this program. You can charge in upwards of a minimum of SGD2000 per student for the entire 80 hours of engagement with each child. This way you achieve your break even very fast if you know where your initial set of enrolments will come from.

We train our new partners and their staff through e-learning modules. Separate user Id and passwords will be issued to each one of them to get trained on the SOI concept and how to conduct assessment, counselling and intervention sessions with each child. Every partner will be mapped to a trained learning specialist for any online support that they may need to clarify any of their doubts while they are going through the e-learning modules.

A trained SOI Learning Specialist will be able to take around 6 kids in a single batch at the same time. Each child would require personalised attention to have maximum effectiveness in the program.

Yes you are allowed to a charge a price higher than the minimum bench mark of SGD2000 per student. You can’t reduce the price below SGD2000 but you can certainly take the price up. Our partners do charge a higher price for reasons like:

·Instead of a batch size of 6 students in a single session, some parents demand a more one-one-one attention for their child. You are allowed to charge higher in such cases.

·Special kids needs more personalised attention and they cannot be part of 6 students in a batch. You can charge higher in such cases as it would require more time and effort on part of the trainer to conduct those sessions.

Yes, you are allowed to do that. There are terms & conditions for it which we can discuss.

E-Learning Software: for Product training.

Program Progression Software: To track each child’s progress; to check your own account status.

Our marketing team has created a lot of artwork for product brochures, Facebook Posts, images for WhatsApp marketing, videos with product info. All that can be customised with the partner’s brand name, logo and contact details added and can be shared with the partner for circulation.

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