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Structure Of Intellect is a Cognitive tool that supports academic progress of the students. We teach
the necessary skills that are important to support the ongoing learning. For Example in Maths we need:

  1. Comprehension of numerical progressions
  2. Auditory attending and concentration
  3. Sequencing
  4. Conceptualization of arithmetic process

If the child lacks in any of the necessary cognitive processes, we see behaviour changes or
disinterest in the subject.

We do not teach any school subjects. We are not a tuition centre. Structure of Intellect (SOI) is
program originated in US and is into cognitive development. It guides school going kids to develop
on their mental abilities which helps lay a strong foundation for them to achieve greater success in
school academics as well.

Structure of Intellect (SOI) is into developing lifelong skills which are necessary for achieving success outside the classroom. SOI is an exciting, beneficial way of approaching intelligence, learning, and education. We focus at the very root of learning. Successful learning requires a certain level of different abilities to be in place – comprehension, problem solving, evaluation, memory, etc.

Our tests, products and programs all work together to ensure that these abilities are exactly where they need to be so that your students can unlock their full learning potential.

The program works on developing 90 different cognitive abilities among children. These 90 abilities are sub divided in five major areas of Comprehension; Memory; Critical thinking & Decision Making; Problem Solving & Creativity.

Our core programs of “Primary Learning Ability (PLA)” & “Advanced Learning Ability (ALA)” caters to students in the age group of 4 to 16 years of age. Entire school going population, starting from Kindergarten 1 right through primary education and then to secondary education can benefit from it.

We also have an “Advanced Learning Ability – Career” program as well which caters to students who are in their post-secondary education. This program helps them develop specific skills sets that are needed for them to be do well in their choice of careers.

The entire program for any age group is available in English language only.

SOI products and programs are designed to change the way students approach curriculum. They are perfect for use in a public school, private school or learning centres.

SOI gives you the tools and materials needed to help students who are struggling, challenge those that are gifted and give them all a solid foundation to be successful in their academic careers!

They have mapped the intellectual abilities needed for K-12 learning. Once student’s intellectual/learning abilities are in place, conceptual training is often needed. The following programs provide both the intellectual and conceptual training necessary for student’s success.

The Program helps you to map the learning profile which depicts the strengths and limitations. Based on this we create their personalised learning tools that would prepare them for more focussed skills, better reading comprehension, develops critical thinking, improve on their auditory and visual memory aids, creates interest in challenging materials or difficult core concepts. The overall goal is to optimally prepare each student for the transition to the more advanced curriculum of the middle grades.

Structure of Intellect (SOI) focuses on developing 90 different cognitive abilities among students. It is arguably the most comprehensive program available for a holistic cognitive development of a human mind. The program is focused into developing a child in five major areas of Comprehension; Memory; Critical thinking & Decision Making; Problem Solving & Creativity.

The process is simple: Assess, Identify and Train.

It starts with a state of an art online assessment to ascertain each child’s current cognitive level and identify areas in which he/she is weak/strong at. It is followed by a detailed counselling session with parents explaining them the outcome of the assessment in the form of a report. Once the learning gaps which needs to be strengthened are identified, we start with an 80 hour intervention program which consists of customised workbooks and computer modules to help each student maximise their learning potential.

SOI Systems was officially founded in 1965 but it all started much before that. During World War II, about 35% of pilots were failing out of the Air Corps. These men had IQs over 120, but they still weren’t making it.

It became Dr. J.P. Guilford’s job to find a new way of measuring intelligence. Guilford drew up sets of intellectual functions required for the various Army Corps jobs, and constructed tests that measured those abilities.

Guildford’s tests were used to select personnel with the most intellectual potential for training, and the washout rate dropped by more than 25 percent!

Pleased with Guilford’s great success, the U.S. Defence Department funded Guilford for the next twenty years in the Aptitudes Project at the University of Southern California.

He and his students continued to identify many different abilities and a model began to take shape. That model became the Structure of Intellect.

Our founder, Dr. Mary Meeker, was one of J P Guilford’s students. She processed that the abilities if built in early years are more significant in being successful, hence she along with Dr JP Guilford got the model to build learning cognitive abilities in children.

Dr. Meeker soon discovered that certain intellectual abilities were related to basic learning: reading, arithmetic, higher math, creativity, and more.

Dr. Meeker’s most exciting and important contribution was her realization that intellectual abilities could be taught! This added a whole new dimension to Guilford’s work. At this point, not only could abilities be identified, but they could be taught and developed, too! This coupling is what makes SOI unique. It provides the basis of all our tests, products and programs that have been developed by Dr. Meeker and her husband, Dr. Robert Meeker.

SOI Systems was officially founded in 1965. And here we are today, more than 54 years later, continuing to impact lives and make a difference, all thanks to the research and development of such a powerful learning system!

Structure of Intellect has its presence world over. The program is available in U.S., Canada, Mexico, Germany, Japan, South Africa & India. We even have 2 partners in Singapore as well.

Yes. We do have a program for Gifted Children. We assess each child on 90 different cognitive parameters to access their individual capabilities. Children those who do come under gifted category on most parameters will have a program content which will be of a higher difficulty order to challenge them and keep them engaged in the program.

SOI comes customised to meet each child’s individual developmental needs. We do have an SOI program for kids those who need special attention. Each child with his case history will be dealt on a case-to-case basis.

SOI specially works on developing focus and concentration skills among students. We have customised modules for different age groups to meet their respective developmental needs. It will make the child more attentive in class, be more participative and grasp learning faster.

Some children read and write and learn things faster. Others see things audio visually and grasp things quicker. SOI as a program has both methods of learning incorporated in it. The customised SOI material that comes for each child is a combination of workbook exercises and computer modules to meet each child’s developmental needs. Children are made to engage in workbook activities and computer modules in each session to keep each session enriched with learning experience.

All our activities are followed by play therapy sessions to help children learn the practical application of the skill set that they have acquired. Our sessions are this way kept very lively and interesting which the kids find it a must to attend.

Each child is different and we let them learn at their own pace. We do not put pressure on them to show faster results. You will start to see results by the time we reach half way stage into the program i.e. by the time 40 hours of program gets completed. It may take around 4-5 months of engagement before results will start to show up.

We also have a “Program Progression Software” which helps trainers track the progress of each child through a software. The software gives progression reports at regular intervals of 20 hours each which will then be discussed with each parent to help them understand the progress that their child is making while he is part of the SOI program.

Each child is different and so is their developmental needs. SOI as a program is unique because it comes customised to meet each child’s developmental needs. We conduct an independent online assessment on each child and determine their existing cognitive gaps that the program will then start to work upon. No two children, be it of the same age in the same standard will ever have the same SOI material. It is always personalised for each child.

Once a partner is signed, we train their staff on the SOI program. Once trained, they are subjected to an assessment which they need to clear. They then earn their certificate and are certified as “SOI – Learning Specialist”. It’s a U.S. certification which has a life time validity. Once certified, it is these SOI learning specialists who conduct the SOI program with the children.

The SOI program requires on an average an 80 hours of engagement with each child. Program with some students may stretch a little longer as well as children at different pace. There can be a 10% standard deviation to this 80 hour timeline.

SOI is an ongoing learning developmental tool year after year, yes once the child has completed the program you may choose to do a post assessment followed by the consecutive program for the next levels or building new areas of learning.

The program gives complete flexibility to the trainer and the parents to decide on the frequency of classes to be conducted. For example, if conducted for 2 hours a week, it will last for 40 weeks which is almost the full academic year. The number of hours per week could even be increased to 4 hours per week to finish the program faster.

No. The entire SOI program has to be done under the supervision of a trained SOI Learning Specialist. It requires human intervention and is not an online program which the child is expected to do on his own.

There is no homework in this program. The entire program gets conducted when the student is at the partner centre to attend the SOI sessions, but we will share with parents certain methods to strengthen SOI abilities which if practised at home would engage the child in constructive and productive activities.

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